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Creating a Listing

Q: How do I create a listing on the Christian
A: Creating your listing is simple and fast! Simply click on Basic Listing to begin creating your no monthly yearly billed by month.

Q: Why do you ask for my phone number before I can create a listing?
A: To help you complete your listing, we search our database for your business and pre-fill the form with the information we already have. You can update and modify this information as you complete your listing.

Q: Will my credit card be charged when I create a paid listing?
A: Yes, your card will be charged for your paid listing to be published on the Christian website. Your card will only be pre-authorized for the amount of monthly payments (on 1 year or 3 years membership). We will verify that funds are available and that your card is valid.

Q: Having problems with paying with credit card and PayPal?
A: Your PayPal account needs to be current before your card can be accepted.


My Account

Q: Where can I view the status of my listings?
A: Visit your State and City to view all of your listings and their current status.

Q: How do I sign up?
A: Your sign in credentials are your log in and password. If you have any trouble logging in, please click on Forgot Password.

Editing my Listing

Q: Can I edit my listing?
A: Yes, you will be able to edit your listing same day. Please check back as we continue to add features to the Business Solution Center.

Q: Can I delete my listing?
A: Listings can only be deleted by contacting a sales or customer service representative Please check back as we continue to add features to the Business Solution Center.

Q: How do I upgrade my listing?
A: Simply sign in to your account and click the Upgrade button to upgrade.


More Information

Q: Does every business have an option of 200 characters on basic listing?
A: Yes. The Basic page contains at least 200 characters about your business. If the business has an address, then the page also contains a map. Businesses are encouraged to provide relevant business information, including hours of operation, payment types accepted, and other valuable information about their business.


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